Professional association Dutch beekeepers

The professional association Dutch beekeepers represents the interests of its members, beekeepers who professionally conduct a professional beekeeper beekeeping or are self-employed .

The objectives of the professional association Dutch beekeepers are:

  • the exchange of business in beekeeping . And development of knowledge and information
  • advising farmers on crop pollination
  • the publication in the media of opinions on the attainable efficiencies of pollination
  • actively develop and promote innovations
  • promoting quality through standardization and certification
  • the development of beekeeping in Netherlands
  • to cooperate with and support of everyone who beekeeping in Netherlands cares
  • the recognition of professional association Dutch beekeepers as a quality

How we work ?

The association aims to achieve its goals by organizing regular meetings and by acting as an interlocutor of governments , unions and other institutions.

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